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Thief of Hearts

When did this game become
so drastically different?
When did it become clear to me
that I didnít want to follow the rules
Iíd already carefully laid down?
Why canít I continue to do
what Iíve been doing?

When did the thief of hearts
lose his heart?
What gave someone the right
to make the thief lose himself
in the moment?
Why does it seem that
everything has changed
and yet
nothingís different?

Can it be Iíve matured?
That Iíve finally realized
I donít want to keep doing
what Iíve been doing?
Can it be that I finally
want to settle down?

Youíve stolen my heart,
though how, Iím still dumbfounded.
I had every intention
of doing to you what
Iíve done to many in the past.
This was just a game to me.
Youíve made me change my rules.

The thief of hearts has finally
had his heart stolen.

When I started this,
all I knew was that
I wanted something
that only you could give.
When I started this,
you meant nothing to me.

What gave you the right
to change everything
that I hold dear?
Why did you have to
make me change my rules?
How can you stand there,
just stand there,
staring at me,
with that smug grin?

Iím a thief of hearts,
an outlaw,
an outsider.
I wouldnít have stopped
my waylaying of innocence
if it hadnít been for someone
like you.
I shouldnít have stopped it.
Why did you make me?
Why did you make me stop?
A confused piece, from my character Maverick's point of view. (I'm not confused, he is. ^^; )

The person he's talking about belongs to *linzi-chan. Emmett. And if Linzi ever submits the picture she drew for me...

Speaker (Maverick) copyright me
For , (neither know I wrote this :D I just did, and it's dedicated to them, Linzi cuz it's about her character (in a way) and Karmkarm cuz she wanted fiction about Mav and Em.)
ladyofx Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006   Photographer
"The thief of hearts has finally
had his heart stolen."

^ Not so sure of this line. Seems somehow cliche in style.

Love "my waylaying of innocence" though!

Overall, a good piece.
sashas Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
This is absolutely wonderful. :heart: Beautifully written ^___^
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November 15, 2005
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