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Purple and ice blue hair flew in the wind as the girl leaned forward into the sea breeze. She knew that the captain of this ship wouldn’t much like her doing this, but she needed to. The sea was in her blood, and the wind made the sea.

Against her pale breasts hidden beneath her tunic rested the fist-sized dark lavender amulet that held almost all her powers. Her powers made her practically unwanted wherever she went, but she was used to it. Used to the names, used to the insults thrown. She was used to being unwanted wherever she went.

A pale hand reached up to brush the wild locks of hair, twining some of the strands around the slim fingers. The action made her pause, staring at the strand-covered digits.

They weren’t covered in purple locks. They were covered in blood.

Snickers choked, bringing her other hand up to her mouth. That action brought her gaze to her other fingers. They, too, were covered in blood.

A child, not much more than ten. Staring into what had at one time been loving brown eyes. They were now filled with the fear of death so close at hand.

The child raised a hand and sent a fiery blast, tinged in purple, toward the man that had once been her father. He wasn’t even allowed a final scream.

Snickers sunk to the deck, eyes staring wildly at nothing. Her fingers clutched for something she couldn’t quite reach.

The dead green eyes turned toward the darkness, the child waiting for her next order.

A platform rose in the stone floor, bearing three children: two girls and a boy.

The young child turned to the frightened children.

"Do it, poppet." A commanding voice told her. Like before, the girl raised her hand.

The eldest of the children, the boy, wrapped his arms around his younger sisters, protecting them in vain.

Snickers couldn’t breath. Not anymore. She buried her bloody fingers in her ice blue-purple bangs.

Like before, they were soon annihilated.

Then a woman was brought before the child, completely nude but for the long sea green hair that covered her pale blue body. Her wrists were chained together, so she couldn’t fight.

"A water nymph cannot bear children from a mortal." the commanding voice said, coming from a man completely hidden in blackness, bending down to whisper in the child’s ear.

The child raised both her hands this time, her fingertips glowing purple. The man continued to whisper, and the purple glow spread from the child’s fingers to the rest of her small frame.

"Snickers!" The woman cried out, her blue eyes widening as she realized who the child was.

Snickers’ fingers found her throat, almost of their own accord. They twisted and clung to the thin chain that her pendant was attached to.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She’d murdered them. She had her parents’ blood on her hands. Her siblings’ blood. She had been under the spell of an evil wizard, but she’d murdered them. No wonder she was so unwanted.

She almost wished someone would end her life. She’d welcome the release from her torment. She was sure that the captain of this ship wanted to kill her....

But she still had her destiny. She’d seen her future. She was to make a powerful clan of witches and hunters. And from this clan would come one of the most powerful witches to ever live. She’d seen him in her nicer dreams. He was almost everything she was, maybe more so. No, he’d been more so when she’d seen him in her dreams.

But how to create such a clan? She was single.

Her eyes scanned the ship. She had posed her question to herself, now she would answer it.

Short fic I wrote a while back about my character Snickers.

No real warnings except for slight violence and really-brief nudity.
linzi-chan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg. I loves it so much! So emotional...and so good :heart:
piratekitten Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thankya. :heart:
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